Revenue Management

Revenue Information Management System

The system is designed to enhance the reliability of financial reporting. It is used to analyze & process revenue collection data for reporting purposes. The overall strategic purpose of RIMS is to maximize revenue collection through ensuring that all revenue due is recorded and collected, inefficient revenue manual processes are eliminated, revenue collected is accounted for accurately and timeously, revenue collection processes are cost and process efficient.

The system guarantees efficiency and effectiveness in revenue management. Through RIMS we have managed to ensure completeness and accuracy of revenue, compliance with PFMA, Treasury Regulations and Auditor General Requirements, integrity of revenue data and invoices and improved access to information for quick decision making at a click of a button.

We have used the system to process and analyze over 281 Million transactions going back to the 2008/2009 financial year. This has been achieved by the fact that we have a seamless integration to eNATIS, the transaction system currently being used nationwide.

With access to such a large transactional database, the team can use this valuable information to draw statistics on a transaction-by-transaction basis, provide trend information, year-on-year growth and show impact that new policies will have on the stakeholders. All transactional data is updated daily, grouped, summarized and indexed in a secure and well-structured SQL Database.

Key functionalities include:

  • Provides traceability of monies banked to the respective transactions.
  • Automates the extraction of data, performs necessary calculations and groups similar.
  • Transactions, enabling billing for revenue due.
  • Automates the consolidation of different revenue streams, allocation to respective General Ledger accounts and Reconciliation of revenue.
  • The above ensures completeness and accuracy of revenue reported.
  • Capability for revenue projections.
  • Comparison of actual revenue to actual expenditure, and generation of profit or loss statements.
  • Provides customised business intelligence reports.

Our Awards

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customer” - Seth Godin

Our Successes: Gauteng Province

Net revenue growth by 91.5% – by R1.4 Billion
from R1.54 billion (2009/10)
to R4.02 billion (2017/18).

Equates to an additional return
of 9.85 % over 6 year period above fee
increase and vehicle population growth.

Revenue targets have been
surpassed continuously by at
least R50 million annually.