Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation (MERMS)

MERMS is a Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Information Measurement System that provides a lasting solution to the challenges presented by manual systems of reporting and verification.

MERMS collates and captures performance information required from each business unit and consolidates the information received through the appropriate verification and response process.

Key functionalities include:

  • Easy and simplified data collection from branches, replacing manual excel spreadsheets.
  • Swift enablement of proper Workflow submissions such that approval levels and submission is first within the directorate management.
  • Ability to capture indicators and their quarterly targets upfront so that submitters only capture performance figures and data and cannot change indicator definitions and periodic targets.
  • Ability to handle various streams of M&E reporting and manage them separately there is no limit how many streams can be managed.
  • Ability to reverse a submission back to source when indicators are not approved. Rejection is back to Submitter and system forces explanation of why rejected.
  • Ability to host a repository of portfolio of evidence that may not be changed when submissions are finalized.
  • MERMS allows for indicators to belong/linked to a parent indicator. At reporting figures can then be aggregated or disaggregated accordingly as required for the composites.
  • Ability to create all reports in the preferred format i.e. as pdf’s, excel spread sheets or word documents in the provincial Business Intelligence (BI) standard.
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