Property & Beneficiary
Management Technology Solution

Beneficiary Management

As At.Net we assist our client through implementation of a Property & Beneficiary Management Solution. The system allows us to track housing requests from lodgement through processes to the actual delivery of the property. This system enables the different divisions of the department to operate efficiently and includes such processes as Planning and Budgeting Management, Project Management, Contract Administration and Financial Management.

Key functionalities include:

  • Performance Management Dashboard: Provides and enables a Citizen engagement channel to engage with citizens of the Gauteng City Region. Provides robust business Intelligence and departmental performance management and reporting. Mobile applications to support employee productivity, service delivery and business continuity.
  • Housing and Beneficiary Management Solution: Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Solution that provides automation of the Gauteng Housing and Beneficiary Management Business Processes. Microsoft SharePoint Smart Document Management Capability, Workflows and Automation.
  • Biometric and Verification Capability: Provides a Single Record of each Beneficiary. Integrates to key databases such as HANIS, Home Affairs ID verification.